Are you familiar with the new gTLD extensions?

.hotel .world .music .shop .boutique
More than 1000 new gTLDs are on the way
The new gTLDs will be available for registration during the year..
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Are you familiar with the new gTLD extensions?

More or less, all of us have visited websites with this extensions. Imagine however, how it would be if every website had the right extension, according to the website' s content! For instance, a website with a .shop extension could be easily related to an e-shop in which we may seek for products or services. Similarly, if we wanted to find information about books or sports, we would search for websites with a .book, or .sport extension and if we wanted to get informed about current news, we would visit .news websites. Do you realize how much easier everything could be?

Let's view it from another aspect. Imagine your website, which for example has to do with photography, has a .photo or .photography extension. Every internet user interested in photography would search for websites with these extensions and the possibility to visit your website first, is actually greater than any other site with a common extension!

We are changing Internet!

More than 1000 new gTLDs (generic Top Level Domain Names) are on the way and they are expected to be the biggest change since Internet was created!

Geographical, business, industrial or of general interest, they will ...rock the Internet boat. .Com, .net, .biz are not enough anymore. Now you will be able to actually register the domain name you wish, with any extension you may imagine!

Discover now .site, .web, .shop, .music, .sport and many more and find among them the name that totally fits you and covers your personal needs.

It is in fact, the rising of a new digital world. Now you have the ability to give your business the opportunity to leave its digital mark and register those domain names that are actually efficient for you.

History lesson...

Right before 1998, there were only 3 gTLD, .net, .com and .gov. In 2000, 7 more became available, among them the most well know are .biz, .info and .museum.

In 2004, 8 more were allocated for registration and use, and .xxx was the one that had an actual impact and caused reaction.

Since 2011, thousands have pre-registered more than a million new domain names!

The new Generic Top Level Domain Names (gTLDs), are expected to change Internet forever. Since the ICANN allocation of more than a thousand new extensions during 2013, a new world of names and possibilities will be created.

Don't hesitate, pre-register now the domain you are interested in with IP.GR, without any charges and without any commitment, and join the new Internet reality!

Express your interest now!

IP.GR is offering you the chance to express interest for the new gTLDs you would like to have, adding them to your own watchlist and then pre-registering them in one of the three phases – Sunrise, Landrush or Pre-registration- if they are available in any of them. In case the domain has already been added to a watchlist by another user, you may add it to your waiting list.

If any of the new gTLD domain names is actually important for your company or your personal website, why wait?

Become now part of the advancements and get a chance to make yours the most attractive name as soon as possible and at the best price. Express an interest now!


What is a TLD?

TLD is an acronym of Top Level Domain. It is often referred as the domain's extension. One of the most known TLDs is .com. For the domain, .net is the TLD.

Which is the life cycle of a new TLD?

Before a new TLD is finally available for everyone, it has to go through established periods asQ

What is Sunrise period?

Sunrise "sunrise" period is the time period between the allocation of a new TLD by ICANN and the domain's general availability, which allows to brand name owners (companies mostly) to register the domain names related to their brand names.

Thus, the brand name owners are protected from loosing their domain names or cybersquatting, and getting involved in legal issues.

You may find more about Sunrise here.

What is Landrush period?

Landrush "Landrush" Landrush period is the time period while the domain names are available for registration, usually to a close group of interest holders (and also in a higher price) to entities that do not own a brand name for the domain they want to register, is it may happen with wider terms just as loan or car and for that reason, they are not qualified to participate in “sunrise” period.

This period follows “sunrise” period and it proceeds the domains' general availability to the public.

You may find more about Landrush here.

What is Pre-registration?

προ-κατοχύρωση "Pre-registration" is the time period while which some of the domain names are available for pre-registration by anyone, at normal prices. Pre-registration allows orders to be placed for the new domain names in priority before the domain names' General Availability. It is the last of the phases before the domain names become generally available for everyone.

More information about Pre-registration here.

What is General Availability?

General availability is the time period after the introduction of a new TLD, during which this domain extension is available for anyone who wishes to register it, as long as the interest holders are qualified to register a domain according to the Registry that is authorized to keep and manage the domain names with this extension.

What are gTLDs?

GTLDs, that is generic Top Level Domains, are the domain names that are targeted -theoretically- for certain groups. ονομάζονται τα domain names που προορίζονται, θεωρητικά τουλάχιστον, για συγκεκριμένες κατηγορίες οργανώσεων. In fact, anyone can register one of them.

Before 1998, there were only 3 gTLDs, .net, .com και .gov. In 2000, 7 more became available, among them the extensions .biz, .info και .museum. In 2004 available for registration and use 8 more, with .xxx making some noise and causing reactions.

What's new now?

ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) has the authority to manage gTLDs. Until recently, ICANN was under great pressure, especially from large scale corporations, to expand the domain name extensions – a matter that was under discussion for many years.

Settling any conflicts and removing the applications related with the same or similar domain names, ICANN finally settled to almost 1000 new gTLDs, which will be available to public in 2013's second half. With this action, the organization expects to raise the domain availability and change the way people seek and find information about what they are interested in on line.

What does this practically mean for me?

The new extensions will allow you to create the most personalized and specific domain that describes your website, your brand name, your company, your group or your organization, in the best way.

Obtaining a gTLD that is better targeted to the market, you may increase your customers' trust and distinguish from other websites.

Which are the advantages for my website?

By registering one of the new gTLDs, you may increase the flexibility and the control over your company's internet image and the strategic placement of your brand in the market, concerning your partners, suppliers and customers.

You may also obtain better control of your company's advertisement cost, your intellectual property and your website' s technical updates.

You can also improve your company's internal and external communication channels, around a more powerful point of interest.

Another point is that you may enhance your internet presence, by registering more than one domain names, that better matches your company's needs and define it more precisely.

What you could also do, is to create a new source of income, by registering and renewing the domain names you are interested in.

Why should I register a new gTLD domain?

Even in the current domain name registration system, in which .com is still dominant, marketing and branding managers and SEO experts know how important is the choice of the right domain.

Whether it is a company's web site or a smaller, more targeted website, a proper, descriptive domain name has the power to make a company or a website in general to distinguish in searches, promote its position in the organic results of a search and enhance the company's reputation as a reliable information source and as a “leader” in a certain category.

While the domain name system is expanding to include the new, descriptive extensions, there are many reasons someone should considerate investing in the new online landscape being formed.

For instance, if the new gTLDs are adopted as expected, are used and become broadly accepted among businesses and consumers, very popular domain names will be available again, with a more targeted extension, that the companies had to pay 6-digit or even 7-digit amounts to have them. For example, there is a popular .com domain, which reached the record price of 13 million, when auctioned by Sedo in 2010. With the new domain system, companies will be able to acquire alternative but still popular domain names (same name, different extension) in affordable prices.

Geographically targeted extensions, like .nyc, .boston, .tokyo and others, have the ability to work as position indicators, assisting mapping websites to better identify areas in the natural world, facilitating the creation of on line communities and improving search via mobile devices.

Another important factor as well is innovation. While the new domain names sector is expanding there are many the innovative ideas that might come up. For example BMW and Nike might create their own unlimited domain name portfolio. Imagine every BMW car sold with its own domain and website, providing the car owner and the manufacturer a unique communication and interaction platform, resulting in the brand promotion and dominance in ways no one could have imagined earlier.

When are the new gTLDs going to be available?

The new extensions release exact date has not yet been announced by ICANN. It is estimated that the whole procedure will be split to gTLD categories, starting at the second half of 2013.

Also, the exact registration cost of the new gTLDs has not been yet precisely set or if this will differ depending on the category each extensions belongs.

What is IP.GR's Watching List?

You may add all the domain names you would like to have in your own Watchlist, to track all news regarding dates, cost and availability of the name you want.

What is the cost for subscribing in Watch List?

Subscribing in Watch List is free of charges and you have no commitment or obligation to proceed with a domain name registration. You may enter as many domain names as you like. You will be able to track all updates.

How will I know what I have to do next?

The Watch List is constantly updated and you will be able to view any information available on the TLD you are interested in.

How will the Watch List help me to register a domain?

When the applications and orders for the domain or the domain names you wish to register, start to be accepted, you will be immediately informed, for you not to spend any time and proceed with the domain names registration.

If I have registered, do I have precedence in registering this domain with the new gTLD extensions?

Unfortunately, this is not true. If “mydomain” is not a brand name, the possibility to register the same domain with any of the new extensions is small and no one can provide you any warranty on the new domain names availability.

For this purpose, if you think your domain with any of the new extensions is vital for your communication, your promotion or your interaction on line, pre-register it now, so that you are certain you will receive any relative information in time.

How will search engines adjust to the new gTLDs?

Actually, the alterations in the way search engines rank their results will not be visible at first. As id happens so far, search engines will continue rewarding the high quality content.

What many users ignore is that Google already offers its users the ability to do searches using the domain name extensions. In other words, a user can choose to view in the results only .gov or .org websites, if the users wants to.

Maybe this feature does not seem really interesting in the current domain system, with non-descriptive TLDs. However, as soon as the new TLDs are in use, it will be a quite useful tool for searches among specific descriptive extensions, just as .boston or .cars, with highly targeted results for the relevant demanding public.

Besides the possible increase of the popularity of the “search by extension” function in the search engines, as the consumers will begin to realize the new, highly targeted an high quality websites that will be provided with the new gTLDs, searching is possible to go through a major reformation, which could result to the creation of specialized search engines.

A particularly interesting aspect of this perspective is that the websites that want to use a specific extension and appear in the results of the relative search engine, must follow rules and maintain specific quality standards, resulting all websites belonging to this extension, to be certified and be checked for viruses and other malware. In other words, only safe and high quality results will be presented to the final user.

The new gTLDs have the ability to change searching as we know it, and if it is done properly, finding high quality information may be facilitated.

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