How can I connect my hosting package provided by IP.GR with the domain I have already registered at another registrar?

Connecting a domain name with a hosting package can be achieved through the domain's name servers. Each domain has its own name servers, that actually indicate in which server is this domain hosted.

To find your hosting package's name servers, in order to set them in your domain name, you can either refer to the email you received by IP.GR during the activation of your hosting package, or log in to your account in IP.GR . Once you are logged in, follow the path:

My Account > Hosting > Management

Here, you may find your hosting package's name servers, hovering your mouse pointer over the name of your package (column Domain Name).

Once you have found the name servers of the hosting package provided to you by IP.GR, you can visit your domain registrar's management environment, to connect your domain with its hosting package, defining these name servers in your domain.

If your registrar does not provide a management environment for your domains, you will have to contact your registrar and request a change in your domain's name servers.

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