How to setup my email account in my Android device?

You can use your Android device to access the email account that you have created with your hosting package. You can add more than one email accounts to your device, in order to not miss any business or personal messages. To add a new email account in an Android device you can follow the steps below. In this case, we will use a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow version. Your device might be a little different, but the process is the same for all Android devices. 

If you are not sure which settings to use for your email, you can find them here.

  1. Unlock your device and navigate to the menu. Then, find and tap the Email app icon.
  2. Type your email address and your password.
    Προσθήκη λογαριασμού email σε συσκευή android
    If you tap Next, your device will try to find your accounts settings. We advise you to tap Manual Setup  to insert your account settings manually. In the steps bellow you will find more information about this choice. 
  3. Select the email type that you will use.  
    Τύπος λογαριασμού email
    You have the option to set up an POP3 account to download your emails from the mail server and save them locally in your device, or an IMAP account in order to keep your emails on the mail server and only read a copy of them on your device.
  4. Now you have to type the Incoming mail server for your account.
    Ρυθμίσεις διακομιστή εισερχόμενης αλληλογραφίας
    • Username: type your full email address.
    • Password: type the password of this email.
    • IMAP server (or POP3): The server is an address in this form, where “” is your domain name.
    • Authentication type: Select “Nothing” or “Accept all SSL certificates”, for better compatibility.
    • Port: 143 for IMAP server without SSL or 993 for IMAP server with SSL. Usually this setting is automatically configured from your device, depending on what you have selected previously. 
    • IMAP prefix: Type INBOX. This way your sent, draft and deleted messages will be saved on the server.
    • Finally tap Next.
  5. Type the Outgoing mail server settings.
    Ρυθμίσεις διακομιστή εξερχόμενης αλληλογραφίας
    • SMTP server: The server is an address in this form, where “” is your domain name.
    • Authentication type: Select “Nothing” or “Accept all SSL certificates”, for better compatibility.
    • Port: 25 without SSL, 465 with SSL.
    • Check the “Require Sign-in” option, to authenticate you before sending a message.
    • Username: type your full email.
    • Tap Next.
  6. The device we've selected for this example, gives more options about the email synchronization and message notifications. Your device might have similar settings too.
    Επιλογές λογαριασμού email
    Complete this step with the options which are more suitable for you and tap Next.
  7. The next step might not be available depending on your device. You can give a name to the account you just added in order to differentiate it from your other accounts and add a name that your recipients will see when they receive your emails from this device. 
    Όνομα λογαριασμού email
    Tap Done/Finsh in order to complete the process.

Congratulations, your email account is ready to be used from this device!

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