What does a browsers green address bar mean? How can my website get a green bar of its own?

The green bar in the address bar of browsers is an indication that has now been phased out from 2018 onwards.

The green bar used to appear on EV (Extended Validated) certificates, in order for the visitor of a web page to see with his eyes, that he is accessing the web page of an accredited organization or company.

After thorough studies, it was found that this color indication did not add the security benefits one would expect, as it was only a visual representation of an EV certificate.

Therefore, although EV certificates still exist and are the best certificates since they also certify the organization that the respective website represents, the green indicator has now ceased to appear in order to keep the user navigation simpler through the browser.

So if you had a green bar on your website and you don't have it, know that it is something expected and not worrying. Also note that you can no longer issue a certificate that displays a green bar, as as described above this feature has now been removed by browsers.

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