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How to deactivate the plugins through the database of your WordPress website?

If a plugin on your website causes problems and does not allow you to log into the WordPress control panel then you should disable it. You can easily disable all your plugins through the website's database.

To do this connect via phpMyAdmin and select your website's database from the menu on the left. Then browse the wp_options table and find the active_plugins line. Click the pencil icon to edit the table. Its contents will vary depending on which and how many plugins you have installed on your website. For example, if you have installed the Jetpack plugin, the code in this line will look similar to this:


All you have to do to disable all plugins is simply delete the code in this line and then click the Go button to save your changes.

This way your plugins are deactivated but not removed from your WordPress installation. You can easily enable them again from the WordPress control panel.

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