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Which is my WordPress version and where can I find it?

Sometimes you may want to know your WordPress installation version, if for example you want to update it to a newer one or to check if found bugs concerns your installation too. To do this there are several, simple and complex, ways.

The easiest way is to login to your WordPress installation control panel and find the version number inside the At a Glance category or at the bottom of the page where it shows up like this: 

Thanks for creating with WordPress            version number

The information you see here are derived from the wp-includes/version.php file inside the WordPress installation folder where you can navigate and open with the cPanel > File Manager

If for some reason your WordPress version is not show up there you will have to follow the little more complex way below in order to find it.

Open the homepage of your website and right click somewhere inside it and select View page source. You will see the source code of your website's homepage press Ctrl+F on your keyboard and type the word generator on the popup search field.  

You will be directed to a code line where your WordPress version will be shown like this:

< meta name="generator" content="WordPress version number" / >

Another available option is to navigate and open the readme.html file included with the WordPress installation, where at the top you will see your version number.

Version number

To open this file type the name of your website followed by the /readme.html in the address bar of your browser.

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