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Transfer Joomla files out of the public_html folder for better security

Another safety measure for your Joomla website is to transfer it's important files outside of the public_html folder so they are not accessible to anyone online.

A file that would be good to be moved outside the public_html directory is the configuration file (configuration.php) of your Joomla website. 

First you must move the configuration.php file to a folder outside of the public_html folder and then rename it differently. For example, primary_joomla_conf_file.php.

Then you must create a new configuration.php file inside the public_html folder. This new file should contain only the following php code:


Change the path_to_the_file field with the exact path to the primary_joomla_conf_file.php file. So if you just transferred you file a level above the public_html folder the path will be /../primary_joomla_conf_file.php. The double dots mean a level up. 

If you created a folder, eg outfolder, where you placed the file then the path will be /../outfolder/primary_joomla_conf_file.php.

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