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How can I add more domain name on my hosting package?

What is an Addon Domain?

Addon domains, are subdivisions of your hosting account, where you can upload websites independent of your main one.

Practically when you buy a new hosting plan, you have to declare a primary domain in order to set it up. Addon domains are additional domains placed in the same account and the cPanel creates a folder for each of them where the files of the individual website will be uploaded.

The number of the addon domains that can be added, depends on the hosting plan. You can see at hosting plan page how many sites can be hosted to each plan. For instance, a hosting plan with 5 domains, includes the primary one and 4 addon domains.

What is an Alias Domain?

Alias domains are domains that can be added to your hosting plan in order to "serve" the same content of your main website with more than one domain. Alias domains can also be used for other purposes, but their main one is this.

If you have one or more alias domains to your hosting account, you should make sure that it is clear where the original content of the site is, so it doesn’t face (double content) issues on search engines. This can be achieved through the canonical tag in the html code of your website.

If you don't handle this properly, it is very likely that search engines will be confused on which domain to rank since they find the same content in more than one location on the internet, which can negatively impact the SEO of your website. The primary purpose of the canonical tag is to tell search engines which site is the main one that you actually want to rank as a search result and which one is just a duplicate.

How can I check how many addon and alias domains I have added to my cPanel account?

If you have purchased a hosting plan from IP.GR, you can check through your cPanel account the number of addon and alias domains that your account currently uses as well as how many are still left, from the Statistics section on the right side of the cPanel interface.

cPanel statistics

Add addon / alias domains into cPanel

Before you add an addon or alias domain, you need to change the nameservers of the domain to the ones of your hosting server. Here you can find instructions on how to find the nameservers that you need to set to you domain.

  1. Log into your cPanel account.

  2. From the Domains section, go to Domains.

  3. cPanel domains

  4. Click on the right Create A New Domain.

  5. create a new domain

    1. To add a new Addon domain:

    2. Type the new addon domain in the relevant field, uncheck the "Share document root (/home/xxxxxxx/public_html) with “primarydomain” option and click Submit.

      cPanel addon domains

    3. To add a new Alias domain:

    4. Type the new alias domain in the relevant field, let the "Share document root (/home/xxxxxxx/public_html) with “primarydomain” checked and click Submit.

      cPanel alias domains

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