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How can I add more domain name on my hosting package?

What are addon domains?

Addon domains, are parts of your hosting account, in which you can upload other websites than your main website, independently.

Practically, to open a new hosting package, a domain name has to be registered as main. Addon domains are domains which have been added to your package and cPanel creates one folder for each of these domains as a place where an individual website / application can be uploaded. Subfolders are created inside the public_html folder by default, however you have the option to specify a different directory outside public_html where the subfolder will be created, while adding the domain.

How many addon domains can i add to my package?

The number of addon domains that can be added varies among packages. You can see in IP.GR's Web Hosting section how many websites can be hosted in each package, e.g. a package that can host five domains, may be used for the main domain and four addon domains.

If you already own a hosting package in IP.GR, you may find relative information about how many domains this particular package can host through cPanel, from the summary information of the left column. If you can't spot this feature, click on the option Expand Stats.

cPanel - addon domains

Add Another Domain in cPanel

  1. Please log in cPanel
  2. Select "Addon Domains" in the section "Domains":

    cPanel - Select Addon Domain

  3. Fill the form with thedomain data:

    cPanel - Add Domain

    • New Domain Name:
      Enter the domain name that you want to use as addon domain in your package.
    • Subdomain or Ftp Username:
      . CPanel automatically creates a new FTP user for each addon domain. It is very likely not to make use of this FTP account but you cannot prevent its creation.
    • Document Root:
      This is the folder that will be created, in which files can be saved/ uploaded for the new domain. CPanel by default, creates a subfolder inside public_html folder (public_html/ However you can change the directory manually and set the Document Root of the addon domain excluding public_html, so it cant be in the same folder with the main installation of your domain.
    • Password:
      This passwordrefers to the FTP account that is created from the cPanel.
    • Password (Again):
      Enter the password again so there is no risk of error.

  4. Click on the button Add Domain.

Delete addon domain

Deleting an addon domain through cPanel is actually quite easy.

  • Click on the option Add on Domains in the cPanel Domains section.
  • Scroll in the list of the domains you have already added in your package.
  • Next to the addon domain that you want to delete, click on the optionRemove.

    cPanel - Delete Addon Domain

Deleting an addon domain through the cPanel doesn't affect your domain name. Your domain will continue to have the same name servers after it will be deleted from cPanel. If you want to change your domain's name servers, you may do it through IP.GR's. Log in your account and edit the domain name that you are interested in.

Frequent questions - troubleshooting.

  1. While my package supports addon domains, I can't add a new domain.

    Check if the domain you want to add has been registered and uses the name servers of server that hosts your package. If the domain isn't pointing to this server, you will not able to add it. If there is any specific reason not to change the name servers of your domain yet, you may contact us to add the domain in your package.

  2. I have added a new domain but the website is not working!

    If you have changed the your domain's name servers in the last hours/minutes, the DNS network may still have not been updated for this change. It takes some time (propagation time) which is usually between 3 to 6 hours, until the DNS network is fully updated.

  3. What is a parked domain?

    Parked domains are domains that you can add to your hosting package, to serve the website's content with more than one domains. Parked domains can be also used for other purposes, still their main use is as mentioned above.

    If you have one or more Parked domains in your hosting package, you will have to take corresponding actions in your website, to specify where primary content is located. You can do this using the cannonical tag, in the html code of your website.

    If you take no action, it is quite possible that search engines determine that one domain uses data from another (double content) which is harmful for your website's SEO. With cannonical tag it is specified that the primary content is located in one of your domains, so that search engines will know in which domain to credit the ranking of your website.

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