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I am already hosting my website in another provider. How can I switch to you?

My website is currently hosted by another provider (ISP). How can I switch my website' s hosting to you?

  1. First step as it is expected, is to create a new account in IP.GR' s website. Select Register, and use your personal info. If you already have account, skip this step.
  2. After you have activated and completed your account, choose one of the hosting packs. IP.GR is offering you a variety of solutions, to find the one that serves your personal needs. Continue with your order for a new hosting pack now!
  3. As long as your new hosting pack is activated, you will receive the reception email, with every information needed for managing your website' s hosting.
  4. Switching a domain's web hosting depends on the domain's registrar. You may also choose to transfer your domain to IP.GR. In this case, as soon as the domain's change of registrar is completed, you may change the domain's name servers to those provided to you by IP.GR, through your account panel in IP.GR' s website. Otherwise, you will have to do the same modifications, via the domains' management panel your current registrar is providing you.

Which are your name servers?

That depends on your new hosting pack's type, on the data center and the server your account will be installed. IP.GR has a large number of servers. You will be relatively informed about your hosting pack's name servers by the reception mail, after your pack's activation.

How can I alter my domain's name servers?

If your domain is registered with IP.GR, you will find more information in the Support pages we have prepared for you. If your domain is registered via another company or you need more details, contact us for further instruction and information.

I have already switched my website' s hosting to you, however my domain still appears to be hosted by my previous ISP.

Sometimes, more than 48 hours are necessary for the updates to be made in Internic Whois Database or GR Hostmaster's data base.

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