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I can't log in my control panel. What can I do?

If you can not connect to your cPanel, one of the following may happens:

  • The page with the login information in cPanel does not appear.

  • If typing in your browser the address, you can not see the page that asks your username and password to connect, then there is a possibility:

    1. 1. That the nameservers of your domain to point to the hosted server have not been informed.
    2. 2. That your domain name servers have modified recently and the registry have not yet informed about the change.
    3. 3. That tou are located in a network in which port 2083 is closed.

    For the first two cases, you can try the temporary address which uses the shared IP address of the server, which can be found in the activation email of your hosting account. For the third case, you can alternatively try the address

    Finally, there is also a case you repeatedly gave incorrect login credentials in cPanel, so for security reasons, your IP has been entered in the server firewall. If there is this possibility, you can either restart your router if your IP is dynamic, or to inform us to remove your IP from the firewall if your IP is static.

  • The cPanel login page shows up, but I can not connect with my login credencials.

  • If your username and password are not accepted in your attempt to sign in to your cPanel, you can try the following:

    1. Make sure you use the correct address for your cPanel.
    2. Type your username always in small Latin characters, while typing you password you should be careful to write it exactly as given case sensitive and, together with special characters that contains. For example, the code "password" is different from the code "PassworD" or the code "pass-word".
    3. If you have forgotten your login credencials, you can recover them by following the instructions found here.

    Finally, make sure that there is the specific hosting package and has activated normally. If you have claimed only your domain, there is not a cPanel to log. You will need to obtain your hosting package too. Find instructions here.

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