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I don't have sufficient space for a Full cPanel Backup. What can I do?

The simplest thing to do is to download a partial backup, which is not saved on the server but you download it directly to your computer. You can download a backup of your home directory and then a backup of your databases. That's enough for a standard backup someone needs for Security reasons.

A second solution is to upgrade your Hosting package to a larger one with more resources.

Finally, you can take the backup outside of your account. To do this you need to have a space in the internet, accessible with FTP credencials and enter this information in transit. This practically means that you must have one more hosting package on another IP.GR server or some another provider, which increases the cost. In these cases we recommend that taking a partial backup is the best option, because it is inexpensive, direct, and easy to recover in case you need it.

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