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I have purchased a new hosting package. What can I do with it?

Purchasing a hosting package is usually associated with hosting a website online.

Once your package has been activated, you may either start uploading website files you might have created in your computer, use the Sitebuilder application you will find through your hosting package's control panel to create a simple site, or if you want to create a more advanced website, you can look in your cPanel for the pre-installed applications, choose the one that best serves your needs, install it with a single click and start working on your new website.

Publishing a website online however, is not the only way you could use your hosting package. You can also use the package you have recently purchased from IP.GR to create as many email addresses such as, as you like. Log in your cPanel now and create your own email address, to receive messages online. If you are not quite familiar with the process of creating an email address via cPanel, follow the relative instructions on how to create a new email account you may also find in our knowledge base.

Moreover, you may use your hosting package as storage space online, through FTP service or through cPanel, in which you may log in and upload files using File Manager, either for personal use, or to share with other internet users.

There are many ways in which can one use a hosting package, as long as the terms of use of the providing company are not violated, in order to protect one's safety, as well as the safety of other internet users.

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