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What should I do when transferring my website to avoid an interruption in its operation?

Once you have registered in IP.GR' s website, you have created your own customer account and you have purchased a hosting package, you may follow the steps below:

  1. At first, you should temporarily retain the hosting services provided to you by your current provider, until your transfer in IP.GR has been completed.
  2. You will have to get a copy of all files in your current server. You can download them with an ftp client. If you experience a problem, you may contact your current provider to help you with the backup process of your files. Then, you can upload your using ftp or the cPanel file manager. You may find relative instructions also and your cPanel access information in the activation email you have received when purchasing your hosting package. In this step, you should also transfer any databases that you might use, which you will also create through your control panel.
  3. Once you complete the transfer process of your files, you can log in cPanel and create the email accounts you are using as well.
  4. Then you change the name servers of your domain to those that have been sent to you with the activation email of your hosting package. If your domain is registered or has been also transferred in IP.GR, you can log in your account in IP.GR 's website and change them. Otherwise, you can change them through the control panel provided to you by your domain registrar. Since you have modified your domain's, it will take approximately3-6 hours until the Registry's root name servers have been updated, for your website to be viewed from IP.GR's web server.

After this period, you may check that your website appears normally and you can cancel your hosting services provided to you by the former provider. If you experience any any trouble or difficulty during the transfer process, contact us.

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