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How do I monitor the use of my package?

The use of resources in a Hosting package refers to processor (CPU), memory (RAM), hard disk (hard disk & inodes) and Bandwidth consumption. Through cPanel you can see the use level of these system resources. See the following instructions:

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. In the left column of cPanel you can see the use of resources of your package.

    cPanel - use statistics on hosting package

    • CPU Usage

      Refers to the percentage of processor usage of the total CPU power available to each hosting package. Depending on the package you have purchased from IP.GR maximum permissible use processor varies. For example if you have a package with 1 core, 50% means that you use half core or if you have a package with 4 cores 50% means that make use of 2 cores.

    • Virtual Memory Usage

      The virtual memory is usually a hard disk space that the operating system uses to store information when the real memory is filled. It is basically a backup memory that implements the operating system in order to cope with occasional increasing memory requirements.

    • Physical Memory Usage

      The physical memory is the RAM memory available in your package. The use of physical memory may increase or decrease significantly compared with the virtual memory because mainly it is used to serve the processes of your account.

    • Entry Processes

      This is the number of processes (PHP, SSH, Cron jobs) that your account can perform in parallel. Each PHP page that a user accesses is considered a separate entry proccess. Many times it is translated incorrectly by many users who believe that it reflects the number of visitors you can have both on your site, something which is not true. The processes are executed so fast that is practically impossible to have 10 really simultaneous processes or even 20 or more of that you will find in the hosting packages of IP.GR, unless your site has particularly large number of visitors and try together to connect exactly the same time on the site. Note that the Cron jobs probably set to your account are also entry processes and as well as possible SSH connections that can be active by the server administrators.

    • Number of Processes

      This metric is a superset of the metric Entry Processes and describes the total of allowed processes in your account per second. Usually the use of this metric is within low levels even with a lot of traffic because the processes not related to php are executed very quickly.

    • I/O Usage

      The word I/O comes from the words Input and Output and refers to the transactions related with the hard disk of the server. Any process that makes use of the hard disk read or write data is also an I/O. The control and limitation of I/O ensures that the server will not face a problem in performance if one account try to excessively occupy the hard disk.

      If your account is approaching this limit, then the processes will last a little longer to complete and you may find some delay in the loading of your pages for a few seconds. It is relatively rare to happen but it is possible to happen for example if the account has a very large file volume and you try to get a general backup.

    • Inodes and File Usage

      Inode is a data structure on the hard disk that maintains information about a file or folder. There are a number of inodes as many as the files and folders on your account, so practically this metric is used to determine the number of files and folders in a hosting package. The metric File Usage is a second mechanism that counts the number of files and folders in your account and essentially represents the same information as the inodes

    • Disk Space Usage

      Refers to the space occupied by your packet of data on the hard disk and includes the files of your web page, the emails and databases you created.

    • Monthly Bandwidth Transfer

      The Monthly Bandwidth Transfer refers to the volume of data handled from the hosting account on a monthly basis . Determining the volume of data is handled per service:

      • Http — Web traffic
      • Pop3, Imap, Smtp — Email traffic
      • Ftp — File transfers

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