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How to restore a MySQL database backup in cPanel?

A database restoration is an action usually performed after problems have occurred in your database and possible data loss. It is possible of course you might be transferring from another server, so you basically install the database on your site.To restore your database through backup, you should initially have such a copy in your possession.

To restore your database from a backup, you should primarily have such a copy of your database.

It is important to specify that the backups created in cPanel contain the command DROP TABLE IF EXISTS. This means that the restoration process will delete all common tables among the Database and the File backup, so you should be really certain that you are not interested in the current state of your database before going on with the restoration.

Restore database on cPanel

  1. Login to cPanel
  2. Click the Backups option you will find in the Files section.

    cPanel - Backups

  3. In Restore a MySQL Database category click the Choose File option.

    cPanel - Database Restore

  4. Choose the backup file of your database in your computer.

    cPanel - database backup file selection

  5. Click the Upload option.

    cPanel - database backup upload

The restore process may be slow, depending on the size of the database. Small databases can be restored in seconds.

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