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Why are there two different data centers? What is the difference?

IP.GR' s hosting packages are available in two different type of data centers.

Greek datacenters

The first option is for the data centers to be located in Greece and exists to cover the needs of many of our customers, who wish to have their sites in Greece. There might be two reasons for this. First, because these sites have Greek location and IP which helps in any SEO actions anyone might want to do for his site. The second reason is supporting the Greek companies . IP.GR is collaborating with Greek enterprises to provide packages in Greek data centers. Therefore our customers who choose these packages also indirectly involve in strengthening the Greek companies.

European datacenters

The European data centers cover as well requirements. The first is to provide hosting abroad for the same SEO reasons one would prefer to have a site hosted in Greece. Companies addressing to the foreign market may possibly prefer type of datacenters.

The second and very important reason, is the need for affordable hosting solutions. Unfortunately, internet costs abroad, are considerably lower than in Greece, which allows us to provide the same package, considering technical specifications at the most competitive price.

Quality of service

The quality of service for the servers and the way IP.GR manages hosting packages, is actually exactly the same among these types of datacenters. We work in exactly the same way in both infrastructure to give provide the customer the option to select the datacenter of his choice, on the basis of his own criteria and wishes.

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