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What is a .kaufen domain?

In German Language the word kaufen means buy. It means something like "shopping", so that fact makes domain .Kaufen, the ideal domain for the on line businesses that are interested in German-speaking customers.

Germany is among the European countries that supports online shopping and e-commerce, which is especially widespread among German users. Moreover, there are six other European countries that have German as their official language, which increases the number of German-speaking users in more than 75 million!

Why register a .kaufen domain?

If you address the German market, the domain .Kaufen is the perfect choice for you! Commercial bussinesses, manufacturers, blogs and sites which have reviews and price comparisons are just some of those, who can use a domain .kaufen with very good results.

By using the domain .kaufen, you can show dedication to the market and the area, in which you wish to promote your goods and services. Furthermore, a domain .kaufen gives your site more visibility and credibility. Additionally, this domain gives your store more international and European orientation, while creating more traffic to your site and therefore increased income.

So, put in your cart a domain Kaufen!

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You may own a domain name with extension .kaufen only at 9.90 € euros per year.
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