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Landrush is your chance to get some of the most popular domain names. Domain names such as or, which are highly sought after however too general to be registered as a trademark, may be available during this phase at a higher price. This phase succeeds Sunrise and proceeds the domain names’ General Availability. Η φάση αυτή ακολουθεί την περίοδο Sunrise και προηγείται της γενικής διάθεσης των domains. Nevertheless, it is an optional phase, which means that not all domain names have to go through it. In case there are more than one expressions of interest for the same domain, the domain will be probably registered after an auction

Lead in Registration at special price

New gTLDs usually go through a series of phases until they become available to everyone. The second of these phases is usually Landrush. This phase allows the registration of domain names not only by trademark holders, by anyone who is disposed to get the domain he wants, paying a little more

Once this phase has expired, auctions will be conducted for the domain names for which interest was expressed. The terms and conditions of each auction will vary, while some of the Registries managing the new domain names may choose another way to attribute the domain names to their final owners.

This phase for the new TLDs usually lasts 30 days, while its duration might be different for some of the new names.

gTLD phases timeline

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