Pre register

Make your own useful domain names at regular price!

Pre-registration gives you the opportunity to get the domain names you want at regular registration prices. Place now the order for the domain names you like, before they become generally available through Pre-registration, Once the domain names become generally available, we will automatically attempt to register for you all the domain names you have added to your list, providing you the chance to get them as soon as possible.

The best chance to get the domain names you want

New TLDs go through a series of phases before they become available to everyone. The last of these phases before General Availability is Pre-registration.

Pre-registration allows you to place your orders for the domain names you like in a priority queue before the domain names’ General Availability. Once General Availability is initiated, there will be an attempt to register all domain names for which an order during Pre-registration has been placed, as soon as possible. This gives you greater chances to get the domain names you wish for.

The domain names for which multiple orders have been placed while in Pre-registration, either a closed auction will be conducted among those who placed the orders, or the registration orders will be server in a first come- first served priority. Those who won’t be able to successfully register the domain for which they submitted an order, will be refunded the registration fees.

gTLD phases timeline

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