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IP.GR is presenting the company's new website for mobile devices.

It is our company's vision and target to offer constantly reliable and high quality services to the company's customers, and this is to be proved by thousands of our dedicated customers.

Having in mind future developments and considering the increasing percentage of users who prefer using their smartphone to carry out their tasks, we created a new mobile site, to provide you access to our services wherever you are, fast and securely.

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In a new and simplified environment, you may work exactly as you would through IP's full website. You may register new domain names, select and order new subscription packages, renew and manage domain names and subscriptions you already have in possession. Moreover, the mobile site offers you the ability to make transactions electronically, through credit card, for your orders.

You can access our mobile site simply by typing in your mobile phone's browser IP's address, Using the mobile site does not require any preinstalled software and is compatible with any smartphone operating system, from iOS 4.1, Android 2.2 and later.

We invite you to visit our mobile site today and give us feedback about your experience and any remarks. We are expecting your comments in IP's pages in Facebook and Twitter.

Furthermore, while we will be working to upgrade the softare and it's functionality, please inform us about any problem or difficulty you have encountered, by sending us mail at
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