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+ cPanel

+ Cloud Linux

+ Auto Installation
+ LiteSpeed Web Server LiteSpeed Web Server

New Series Business Line
the optimal solution for businesses !
New service - Special for Businesses
Value NVMe
from 7.40 €
5.20 € / Month
from 8.10 €
5.70 € / Month
from 9.30 €
6.50 € / Month
from 9.80 €
6.90 € / Month
Try it out
with just1€ for one month
Sites hosted:1
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
Ram:1 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Business
Control Panel:
Auto Installer:included
Power NVMe
from 11.30 €
7.90 € / Month
from 12.70 €
8.90 € / Month
from 13.40 €
9.40 € / Month
from 14.10 €
9.90 € / Month
Sites hosted:3
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
Ram:1.5 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Business
Control Panel:
Auto Installer:included
Premium NVMe
from 18.40 €
12.90 € / Month
from 19.80 €
13.90 € / Month
from 20.50 €
14.40 € / Month
from 21.20 €
14.90 € / Month
Sites hosted:5
Monthly traffic:Unmetered
Disk space:Unmetered
Ram:2 GB
CPU:1 core
Care Pack: Business
Control Panel:
Auto Installer:included
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Your cubecart website
has its own individual needs!

Many Web Hosting packs seem the same on the upper level, however they're not! Take a single look to find out
just a few of the benefits for you from IP.GR web hosting packages created for your needs!

NVMe disks

NVMe SSD disks
ensure the fastest possible data transfer speeds

Business Backup

+ 7 daily + 4 weekly backups
including selective restore capabilities

Instant Snapshot

Instant account snapshotting capabilities
update and testing flexibility

Advanced Email Protection

The best possible email account protection from viruses and spam

Support Priority

The best business hosting solution

Extended performance

Increased resource availability in terms of
+ RAM  + I/O  + IOPS  + Entry Processes

CloudLinux OS

The best OS
for Web Servers


The most popular and user friendly
control panel for your hosting

Guaranteed resources

Specific and specified CPU & Ram
resources in each hosting package

Auto Installer

Automatic Wordpress, Joomla etc.
installation with a single click

PHP Selector

Choose the PHP version compatible
with your website


Fast network, guaranteed resources and
Entrerprise SSD hard disks

Unmetered Resources

Unmetered traffic, unmetered disk space, iNodes policy


Free SSL, 3x Antivirus,
real time scan

Site transfer

We transfer your website to us for free
with 12month, 24month and 36month subscriptions

General Characteristics

Hosting Plan
Web Server
Free SSL
Sub Domains
Parked Domains
Addon Domains
Ftp Accounts
DNS Control
Data Center
Entry Processes
Mailbox quota
Emails / hour
Monitoring 24/7
Instant Setup
No commitments
Money back guarantee
Value NVMe
Greek / European
1 core
1 GB
4 MB/s
Power NVMe
Greek / European
1 core
1.5 GB
6 MB/s
Premium NVMe
Greek / European
1 core
2 GB
8 MB/s

Website Management & Backup

File manager
Full or Partial Backup
Backup Restore
Backup Wizard
Website optimization
Error Pages


Web Mail
Auto Responders
Email Forwarders
Default Address
Spam Assassin
Email Filtering
Email Trace
Email Authentication
MX Management


FTP Acc. Management
FTP session control
Webalizer FTP

Supported Technologies

Cloud Linux O.S.
PHP 5.x / 7.x
PHP Version selector
PHP PEAR Packages
PHP Configuration
Cron Jobs
Network Tools
Image manager

Statistics & Logs

Raw Access Logs
Error log
Analog Stats
Resource usage

CMS & Apps

100+ Apps
Joomla hosting
Wordpress hosting
Drupal hosting

eCommerce & Business

Vtiger CRM
SSL Access


Availability guarantee
Continuous overview
Firewall protection
Virus Scanner
Malware Detector
Brute Force Protect
Password Protect Dirs
IP Deny Manager
SSL/TLS Manager
HotLink Protection
Leech Protect
GnuPG Keys
Mod Security


Knowledge Base
Ticket Support
Email Support
Video Tutorials

Why Business Hosting?

Taking into account our customers' needs, especially those whose main business activity is online, and using their own phone calls and support tickets as a reference for their demands, we have decided to compile the most important and requested topics and, based on those, provide a web hosting package which will give answers to the problems a modern business might face.

Business Line is a new hosting package series which aims to provide high level hosting services at minimum cost. An important goal for us is to make your business's day to day routine easier. The term flexibility better describes the Business line hosting packages with flexibility in terms of backups, emails, resource availability, customer support and hosting package cost with the price remaining completely affordable.

Hosting nowadays is an investment for any modern businessman, who is right to have certain expectations especially if his business's is online. In response to these expectations, and taking into account the modern needs that arise in a company, we have create the Business line, in order to provide business owners who trust us with as many valuable and wholesome services in return for their investment.

Which hosting package should I choose?

The Business Line hosting packages are aimed towards businesses and individuals who want more flexibility and features in their hosting package, even more than those provided in the Standard Line. The main escalation that occurs between the hosting packages in the Business Line is mainly in terms of higher computing resources aimed towards more demanding websites. Another factor is the ability to create addon domains in the NVMe Power and NVMe Premium packages.

If you are just starting out on the internet or you don't know how demanding your web application is, then it might be preferable to start with the first hosting package called Value NVMe and if more resources are needed then upgrade to another bigger package. If however, you already know your website's needs or you want to have more than one domain names on your hosting package or just want more resource availability, then you should look towards the NVMe Power and NVMe Premium packages.

I own a Standard line hosting package - is there a reason to upgrade to a Business line package?

The answer is YES, if your budget allows it, it is a good idea to upgrade to a Business line hosting package.

The main reason is the flexibility provided when it comes to backup restores, application updates which are now done without worry with the use of the instant snapshot backup feature, the extended control of spamming and the greater availability of computing resources in terms of CPU, RAM, IOPS, I/O and Entry Processes.

Our company has gone to great lengths to ensure that we provide you with the most high quality service possible at the lowest possible cost and that is done to ensure that our clients have more solutions and options at their disposal. That is the reason why the Business Line exists which has a slightly higher cost than the Standard line but has an extended array of services comparatively, making the added cost worth it.

What are NVMe type disks?

NVMe disks are SSD type disks with the main difference between them and regular SSD disks being the way with which they are connected to the server's motherboard. The connection happens using the PCIe bus standard which connects straight to the motherboard like we see with things such as graphics cards. That method of connection makes NVMe disks faster due to the lack of cables thus ensuring that higher speeds are attainable when it comes to data transfering to and from the SSD Disk.

What is Business Backup?

Business backup is an added feature for creating and downloading backups which was added in the Business and Semi Dedicated lines. Through this feature more backups are available, 7 daily and 4 weekly backups, while also giving the administration of a website the flexibility of restoring just a part of his overall account. For example, one can restore just a single mailbox, or a specific file, or a DNS Zone file etc. With this feature there no longer is a need for a full account restore when a problem arises when it is possible to restore just the problematic part of the account.

That very same mechanism provides the option of a full account restore to dates up to 4 weeks in the past, while also greatly increasing the daily backups from 2 in the Standard line to 7.

What is Instant Snapshot?

Instant Snapshop is a mechanism for instantly copying a hosting account and it is available on the Business and Semi Dedicated lines, thus allowing the administrator of a website to save an instant copy (snapshot) of a hosting account at a specific date. It is a very important feature since it gives site administrators the option of having a very recent, on demand backup of their account. This is a crucial feature that is especially usefull if they are preparing to make changes to their website since it gets rid of the anxiety of failure because a full restore becomes something really easy.

What is Advanced Email Protection?

Advanced Email Protection is a feature added in the Business and Semi Dedicated lines, which gives the administrator more flexibility when it comes to managing his mailboxes of the specific hosting account. Analysing and managing emails might be a very important task for a company since important information is sent daily via company emails. That means that a lost email or one that ended up as spam can be important and with this feature, if something like that happens, it can be easily managed and investigated.

The account's administrator now has more tools in his disposal when it comes to fighting spamming, since he can easily set up a Spam Blacklist and Spam Whitelist as well as analyse critical emails that have been marked as spam without the danger of infection and manage them accordingly. They can also set different mailbox behaviours per hostname inside a single hosting account. For example, spam emails that reach the main domain email accounts can be forwarded to a third email while the spam emails of an addon domain can be forwarded to another or deleted outright.

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