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Speed your website up with LiteSpeed technology for top performance and better SEO!
NVMe SSDs for fast data transfer + 7 Daily + 4 Weekly backups with selective restore Full account backups can be initiated on demand through the Instant Snapshot, before any update or reconfiguration The best way to protect the emails from viruses and spam Ideal for businesses! Additional resources in + RAM  + I/O  + IOPS  + Entry Processes


Speed your website up using LiteSpeed technology for top performance!


Constant monitoring by the server's antivirus
+ Advanced Email Protection


Fast page load time means better SEO.
Improve the Ranking of your website and increase the sales of your E-shop!


It comes with a free SSL certificate
+ Business Care Pack
+ Business Backup!


Enable Automatic Updates of WordPress while getting a Backup, so you can always use the last version of your CMS.

Why 1 euro?

The one-euro offer concerns the Business Value package of Business Line for a 1-month subscription. The 1-month subscription is so affordable because we want to give the chance to everyone to try the LiteSpeed technology out through our servers. The service is not offered free of charge as it is not intended to just be tested, but eventually to be chosen as the hosting plan of the user’s website..

What is a LiteSpeed web server?

A LiteSpeed server is a Web Server just like Apache and Nginx. Its main feature is the high speed when it comes to the website’s loading time and this is the basic reason why we chose it. A comparison between these 3 servers can be found in various online Benchmarks..

A second reason that led us to this choice, is the strong compatibility between LiteSpeed and Apache Web Server. Apache is the most commonly used web server worldwide and the fact that its commands are compatible with LiteSpeed, makes it more easy and convenient for someone to upgrade to a much much faster infrastructure, without having to modify the code of the software.

WordPress + LiteSpeed

WordPress works smoothly with a LiteSpeed web server. There is also a caching plugin for WordPress (LiteSpeed Cache) through which WordPress can get the most out of what a LiteSpeed web server has to offer. In case you use any other plugin for caching, it is totally fine to keep using it as by no means is it mandatory to use LiteSpeed Cache plugin.

Better security

- Built in captcha: ReCaptcha function for better protection against bots and possible attacks.

- Web Application Firewall: A LiteSpeed web server has its own built-in security mechanisms to prevent malicious connections. It is also compatible with mod_security rules Owasp, Atomicorp, Comodo and CloudLinux Imunify360 and also works with CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall).

Automatic Updates

Through the auto-installer application (Installatron) you can choose to upgrade your website automatically. You can choose whether you want to upgrade to all WordPress versions or just the minor ones in order to proceed with the majors manually under your supervision. You can also choose whether the plugins and themes of WordPress will be automatically updated.

Whether you choose automatic upgrades or manual, the auto-installer application simplifies the process of upgrading your WordPress, which is a great help for a site administrator who is not highly familiar with this process.

In each automatic or manual upgrade, the auto-installer application keeps a security backup automatically, so if something goes wrong after the upgrade, you will be able to restore your website to its previous state with a push of a button. This is a very important convenience as it automatically relieves the administrator of the stress of possible failure during the upgrade. This is pretty convenient especially for the administrators of the website, since they do not need to stress out in case of an upgrade failure.

External backups

Through the auto-installer application, you can easily back your applications up to and external storage that you get to define. For example, you can get regular backups to your dropbox account or google drive or even via ftp if you have an external storage accessible via ftp . This functionality is achieved through the auto-installer application, where you can easily define the place where the backups of your application will be stored.

Having an external backup that is synchronized with the auto-installer application, offers significant flexibility, security and less management stress for the owner and / or administrator of a website. All in all, an instant backup is obtained before each important action, such as an upgrade of a WordPress version and at the same time this backup can be located outside the server and in a storage space of your choice, from where an automated restore can be done at the touch of a button.

The automation in receiving and restoring backups to both an external storage and locally, simplifies significantly the maintenance procedures of a website made in WordPress.

Staging environment

If you want to make a new version of your page or test the existing one without affecting the current installation, you can create a staging environment in which a clone of the current application is placed in order to proceed with all the tests you want. If your changes are successful, you can push the modifications in the live environment with a click of a button.

All these actions are executed automatically through the auto-installer application, something that saves significant time to the administrator and at the same time, provides considerable ease to actions that would otherwise seem quite demanding.