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cPanel server with LiteSpeed technology LiteSpeed Hosting
Fast hosting for websites and eshops!
LiteSpeed Hosting - Fast by nature BY LiteSpeed Hosting - Fast by nature
Our Business hosting plan in based on LiteSpeed technology and it is ideal to best meet the needs of a modern website for e-shop, businesses, professionals, personal blogs and much more!
High performance
Free SSL Certificate
Wordpress Ready
High performance
Improve the speed of your website with LiteSpeed Hosting technology for top performance and better SEO!

Free SSL Certificate
It comes with a free SSL Certificate
+ Business Care Pack
+ Business Backup!

Wordpress Ready
WordPress ready
Wordpress site owners prefer this hosting plan for a complete and efficient hosting service.
Discover now the ultimate performance of LiteSpeed technology with only 1 € for one month! I want to try it! I want to try it!

Frequently Asked Question

What is LiteSpeed Hosting?

It is a hosting like all the others, but it is way faster!

It is actually a web hosting service that runs on servers with LiteSpeed technology. More specifically, the web server that operates on these servers, is called LiteSpeed and because of this, the service is described as LiteSpeed Hosting. The key feature of LiteSpeed server is its high contribution to the load speed of a website

Why should I choose LiteSpeed hosting plan?

The main reason is the response time of your website. This is probably the most important metric on a website, as it affects the performance of a website when it comes to customer satisfaction, sales, search engine rankings, etc.

Why does it make websites faster?

Thanks to the Events Driven architecture which the LiteSpeed web server operates with, the requests arriving at the web server are way faster in comparison to the traditional Proccess Driven architecture used by the classic web servers. This view of LiteSpeed, leads to less process load on the server as multiple requests are met through common interfaces, resulting in a way better performance compared to the traditional web servers used on the Internet.

Is it compatible with applications such as Wordpress and Joomla?

Yes, all applications can run on LiteSpeed server without any further addition or modification requirement. A LiteSpeed server recognizes all the syntax of an Apache web server and thus, any classic application such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Opencart, Prestashop etc. works smoothly and efficiently.

Does it help with SEO and Google Ranking?

Yes, as it affects one of the most important SEO factors that is none other than the load speed of the website. The speed combined with the security provided through the free SSL Certificate in all LiteSpeed Hosting plans of our company, constitute the necessary and properly configured infrastructure for the operation of a successful and secure website.

I have an eshop on opensource platform. Can I transfer it to LiteSpeed server?

Of course you can! In fact, hosting your online store on a server with LiteSpeed technology, could significantly increase your sales and the overall performance of your eshop. Every second passed can be crucial when it comes to the satisfaction of your potential customer navigating to your website and since server-level delays are remarkably reduced along with any dissatisfaction these delays may bring, it can lead to more order checkouts!

My site is very slow. Will I notice any improvement if I try LiteSpeed hosting?

The answer is generally yes, as the server-level processes will run faster. The magnitude of the improvement is proportional to the nature of the problem the site is facing. The LiteSpeed server​ is just providing faster interfaces and better speed to the resources of the websites and applications, but it does not solve the algorithmic / programming problems that some websites may encounter. So, if your website has a significant algorithmic problem, the improvement may not be spectacular but even in this case, you would know that you have done the best possible in terms of server technology and then, you will be able to focus on improving your application.

My website is hosted in Plesk Panel. Can I transfer it to Litespeed Hosting?

Yes, you can. We can also give you a hand as we are offering one hour of work free of charge for 12-month and 24-month subscriptions, in order to transfer and install your website, time that is in most cases sufficient for the transfer to be completed.

I have cPanel Hosting in another company - will anything change for me if I transfer it to the LiteSpeed package?

No, nothing will change. LiteSpeed Hosting service runs with cPanel and CloudLinux on the servers of our company and all modules installed on a classic Apache based server, are also compatible and functional on a LiteSpeed server.

What is LS-cache;

The term LS-cache derives from the words LiteSpeed Cache. This is an additional technology that can be easily integrated into your website and further enhance the already fast response of your LiteSpeed hosting.

You can practically add a plugin to the application you are using (there are available plugins for WordPress with WooCommerce, Joomla! With VirtueMart, PrestaShop, Drupal, OpenCart, etc.). This plugin ensures that all the configured settings in your application, are applied to the server's Cache Engine. This way, the administrator / developer has less chance to incorrectly configure the relevant settings, something that, from our experience, happens quite often due to the technical complexity of the object.

With LS-cache plugins, you can level up the navigation experience and through a compact, functional and easily manageable mechanism to make the most of the available technologies. It is worth mentioning that LS-cache plugins are developed directly by LiteSpeed Technologies, so their compatibility with the applications they are developed for, is guaranteed by the software manufacturer itself.

How easily can I install Woocommerce with LiteSpeed technology?

Installing Woocommerce could not be any easier. Through the automatic application installation mechanism, you can install the Wordpress application and then the Woocommerce Plugin. With just a few clicks, you are able to upload your products to your online store and manage your eshop with speed and security.