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What is a .claims domain?

The word "claims" may be interpreted in many ways and thus can used by professionals in various sectors. The new domain .claims is the ideal fit for business related with claims of any type. From law firms to insurance companies, everyone can use the .claims extension to promote their products and services to current and potential customers.

For example, let's think of an insurance company who wants to give its customers the opportunity to apply for claims through its online system. In this case, one can use a .claims website to separate the application process, from the purchase of insurance policies.

Why register a .claims domain?

From bloggers to businesses, the new .claims domain can meet many needs. Since it is flexible and unique, it is a great opportunity for many websites to distinguish themselves online. Use a .claims domain to help visitors of your site and your customers to find what they are looking for in no time. The .claims extension is new and exciting, so you should not miss the opportunity to take advantage of it for your own profit!

Regarding business, many of the processes customers are involved in the insurance sector, have already moved online, including claims. With the .claims extension, a new web "space" is now created in which insurance companies can direct their customers to start a claim submission process.

Also, concerning blogging, a unique and easy to remember domain can attract new readers and retain their interest, for them to visit your blog even more often. In a long list of search results, a new domain such as .claims can make your blog stand out like never before. Think about it: What is most likely to grab the attention of a reader? A classic .com domain or an eye-attracting .claims?

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