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There are hundreds of companies offering web hosting and domain registration services and choosing the right company is not easy. In the text following, you may find a list, comparing the differences between IP.GR and other competing companies.

  We are a 14 year old company

A physical existence for a company in the world of the Internet (i.e. to be an actual organization), is neither obvious nor given.
Our offices are located in I. Dragoumi and Vamvaka 1 in Thessaloniki and are open daily 9:00 to 17:00. Since 2000, for 14 consecutive years we offer services to thousands of satisfied customers.

  'Home' companies

There are currently thousands of companies offering web hosting services.
Most of those companies own a web page, in which the only contact means is just an email address. Few of them may also provide a mobile phone number. These are 'home' companies with no offices and "physical existence", usually reselling services from servers located abroad.

  Owned servers in Greece

IP.GR is one of the first if not the first company (except dial-up providers) that uses owned servers in Greece for hosting.
This involves physical access to servers, immediate restore in case of hardware failure, and fast internet browsing speeds.

  Leased servers abroad

At a cost of $ 50 per month, anyone can rent a server abroad and offer web hosting services.
There is no physical access to machinery, a repair depends on the leasing company, internet speeds are much lower.

  Online management system domain

IP.GR offers an online management system for all domain names (.gr .eu .com), connected with the corresponding registries. Thus, applications for domain registration are submitted to the registry in real time.
Also, any changes you make in your domain names are executed in real time.

  Management via email, fax

Most competitors do not have an Online domain control panel.
To register a domain name, you must send your application with an email or fax. Then you will have to wait until your registrant submits the application to the registry.
Meanwhile, the domain you want could be taken . Also, every time you want to make a change in your domain data, you should make a request through email or fax, and wait again until the registrar makes the change.

  All major domains are available

The Domain extensions .gr  .eu  .com  .net  .org  .biz   .info    .com.gr   .net.gr   .org.gr   .edu.gr   .gov.gr   offered by IP.GR cover 99.9% of Greek market needs.
If you are the owner of a domain name, e.g. example.gr and you decide to expand your internet presence by registering the domain names example.com or example.eu, there's no need to look elsewhere, you can find it here.

  All domains are not available

Most competitive companies do not even offer domain registration services, they just offer web hosting services.
Even if they offer domain registration services, they do not offer all major domain extensions.

  All in one control panel

IP.GR, via control panel management, offers you the ability to manage hosting accounts and domain names under a single management interface.
Hence, just by logging in to your account, you can always have full control of your hosting accounts and domains.

  Scattered Services

Most competitors do not provide their customers with a control panel.
Some companies, have different web pages for selling hosting subscriptions, a different for registering .gr domain names, different for .eu domain names etc.
As a result, to have a complete overview of your hosting accounts and your domain names, you have to visit each time 4-5 different websites.

  Notification by email and sms

IP.GR automatically sends notification emails 90, 60, 30, 10 and 5 days before the expiration of your hosting account and domain, so you can renew them in time. sent Notifications can also be sent by sms. Thus, even if you don't check your emails regularly, via notification sms there is no risk losing your domain names. IP.GR automatically sends notification emails 90, 60, 30, 10 and 5 days before the expiration of your hosting account and domain, so you can renew them.
It also sent notification by sms. Thus, even if not regularly check your emails, via notification sms you do not risk losing your domain.

  Inadequate Notification

Most competitors do not send notification by email or sms.
Thus, you will carry the responsibility to remember the expiration of your domain names on your own, if you wish to renew them on time.

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