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What is a .club domain?

A .club domain welcomes everyone as a member of a team! It is the ideal domain extension for the highly social world we live in. The internet has brought us in touch in ways we could have never imagined.

Every day new communities and groups are formed around issues of interest of any kind. Regardless the number of the members of a group, until now there has been no easier way to gather around a certain matter of interest. Now you may get your own .club domain and give your website a name with actual meaning and great marketing value.

A .club domain tells every one that your site concerns people sharing a common interest!

Why register a .club domain?

Be a member of the .. .club! Designed to be used be every organization that has members, from boy scouts to resorts and found raising groups, the new .club domain has arrived to make a difference online. Obviously, each official organization that gives people the option to become members through a certain procedure will directly benefit from a .club domain.

Besides these organizations, any group for which a person could express interest to join it, should have its own .club site to facilitate its operation and promote its causes. Sports teams and their group of fans, artists and their fan clubs, subcultures and political movements of any kind may give themselves a .club domain. And of course, any commercial enterprise that requires the customers' signing in or provides its customers with a certain sense of exclusivity, could use a .club domain to expand the audience addressing to.

There are billions of clubs (groups, teams) around the world. From football, tennis and golf teams, to reading groups, collectors groups or chess playing groups- imagine that only in facebook these groups are more than 600 million! A .club domain gives the ability to each one of these groups to create its own unique online space and break through the social media boundaries. Even more, add a .club domain to any phrase or key word to create any instantly recognizable website that speaks for itself!

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