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What is a .email domain?

The email service exists only a few decades now. However, it has such an impact on our everyday lives, that we could never imagine living without it. Internet has radically changed the way we communicate and certainly email was one of the greatest changes.

Now, there is a domain name that matches exactly the electronic mail service, the .email!

From Siberia to Australia, email is now a word that can be heard in every household. Every day, more than 100 billion messages are sent as emails. This makes a .email domain an easily recognizable word in any language and we can only be certain that the new .email domain extension will be will be discussed and used much. Regardless if your website is personal or corporate, a .email domain name sends around the world a "message" totally understandable!

Why register a .email domain?

Email is the most vital part of commercial communication, advertisement and marketing and interpersonal communication. Although it could have been depreciated as it could have been considered "outdated" compared to newer platforms that provide more direct communication (facebook, twitter, instant messaging), it has managed to become part of our everyday lives. It is precisely this need for the email service in our lives that gives new domain .email such a great momentum.

A domain .email is a valuable asset, because it can simply be used for anything found online. From animal hotels and jewelery stores, to street musicians and independent Bloggers - if they are online, they also have an email!

Businesses looking for a simple and easily recognizable way to communicate with their customers, can now do it effectively, directing them to a .email domain. In the same way, individuals who want to facilitate communication between themselves and their family or their partners, may open a new channel just using a communication form in their .email site. Regardless of the reason it is being used, email makes it easy to stay connected with the whole world and .email domain is exactly the ingredient missing from this service in order to keep pace with the evolution of the Internet and its users!

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