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What is a .fitness domain?

The fitness services sector, which includes gyms, personal training services, nutritionists and nutritional supplements for those active in sports, gym equipment and many other products and services, generates huge revenues every year around the world. An industry with such a broad field of activities is certainly worth its own unique domain. This is why domain .fitness was created.

Also, as health and fitness are gradually turning in a trend, more and more are now turning to the global source of information i.e. the Internet - for related services, products and tips. A simple search for the term "fitness" in the search engines returns more than 442 million results. For businesses and bloggers dealing with issues related to fitness, a .fitness domain is exactly what they need to be identified directly by their audience!

Why register a .fitness domain?

Fitness is an "umbrella" term for a very large number of enterprises for which the new .fitness extension is a great way to promote their services and products to existing and potential customers. For example, a gym can use .fitness website to advertise courses, activities and class hours. This gives its members the ability to easily find what they are looking for, especially when they need information quickly. Personal trainers, coaches and fans of new trends such as zumba and crossfit, or anyone else, either business or individual, associated with such activities needs a .fitness domain to give identity to their site.

Regarding blogging, as now there are plenty of blogs that deal with this subject, it is difficult for someone to attract new readers. Using a .fitness domain instead of the typical .com or .info domains, one can easily be distinguished from all other bloggers.

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