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The email address you specify during registration is one of the most important data for the creation of your account. Via this email you will be able to recover your password if you lose it or forget it in the future.

All future mail will be sent to this address, thus it has to be an email address you regularly monitor. Moreover, we recommend that you select an email that does not belong to one of the domains you have register or host through IP, so that we may still have contact even if there is a problem concerning your domains. E.g. you have registered the domain name "" and you use while creating your account the email address "".If the domain name "" has expired and has been removed from the Registry, you will not be able to receive the relevant notification so as to immediately re-register it.

If possible, avoid using free mail such as hotmail, yahoo e.t.c. Providers of this type of mail addresses oftenly delete the accounts after a 1 to 3 month inactivity period. For example, you use for your registration in IP the mail address "". Then, if you don't use this specific email address for a month, the email will be removed by the provider and afterwards it can be registered and used by another person. The new owner of the email address will receive all notification related to your account and if this person acts maliciously, could gain access to your account.

For safety reasons we suggest you to use the email of your dialup provider, e.g, etc, and if in any case you change your email, please inform us immediately.

ATTENTION: We recommend you change regularly the password of your account. If you will notice anything strange or not expected at the management of your account, we request you to contact with us immediately. For safety reasons, all the actions that you make at the management of your account as well as the data of your computer and of the provider through which you are connected to your account, are recorded to a record file.

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