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What is a verified support ticket and when is it required?

A verified support ticket is a Support Request which can be submitted by anyone who has created an account to IP.GR and has logged into this account.

By logging into an IP.GR account, the authorized access of a customer is being certified and thus, the requests are accepted and served as a priority.

A verified support ticket is required in order to process the following:
  • Information / actions related to customer account details.
  • Information / actions related to services of the customer (domain names, hosting plans, ssl certificates, etc).
The communication with the customer and the replies of the company to the support tickets, are being sent to the email address which was used to log into our website (User Identification) and acts as the sender of the verified support ticket.

How can I submit a verified support ticket?

  1. Log into your IP.GR account.

  2. Go to Support Ticket.

  3. Click support ticket

  4. Enter the description of your request to the Comments field and press Continue.
    The reply to your ticket, will be sent to the email address which you used to log into your IP.GR account (User Identification).

  5. Submit your request

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