What can I do with my domain?

There are many things you can do with a domain name. We chose for you four of the most popular ways to use your new domain.

Create your own website

Without domains, the only way to access our websites would be typing a series of numbers, ie the IP address of each website in our browser's address bar. Domains provide internet users a more tidy and more friendly way to see websites without having to keep in mind a lot of numbers.

Once you have purchased your own domain, you have completed the first step to create your own website! You may also select one of the hosting packages provided to you by IP.GR and take advantage of either the Site builder application or tens of pre- installed popular applications to create your own site, without having to acquire specialized knowledge on this subject.

You may find all hosting packages here.

Create your own personalized email

Another really popular use of a domain is for creating your own, personalized email. There are of course many free email service providers, such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and others, however nowadays it is difficult to find a significant and useful email address that hasn't been already reserved by someone else.

Instead, it is most likely to end up with an email address such as, which obviously is neither very useful, nor highly professional, in case you have your own business or practice a profession as a freelancer. On the other hand, an email address in this form, it is certainly a much more professional and impressive option for your electronic correspondence. All hosting packages provided by IP.GR, give you the option to create as many email accounts in the form you want, so you can assign an unique email address to all your family members or business associates.

Protect your identity and your ideas

One of the most important reasons to purchase a domain is to protect your brand name. Many Internet users register domains as , or, without being certain if and when they will be used for any purpose.

Although it is good to secure the domains that might actually come very handy in future, the objective in this case is actually to prevent competitors or any other third party from purchasing a domain related with one's identity or brand name and use it to disorient internet users and prevent visitors from ending in the right website, which means lower revenue for the actual person concerned.

If you have not already, search now for your family name or your business name and register your own domain here!

Make a very promising investment

Domain name value increases over the years as more of the "good quality" domains get registered. Single word domains are now rare to find, making them a particularly good investment, in case one has the opportunity to register such a domain. Since 2014, new extensions have become available for public registration, so now you can register the domain of your choice using one of the new domain extensions.

There are also many websites that allow users to sell the domains they have registered. Still, there is no restriction on the value of a domain. A domain can be of considerable value for a person or organization, regardless if it is actually a word that can be found in a dictionary or a popular phrase. Search now for your own domain and who knows? Maybe in years to come its value will tremendously increase!

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