What does registering a domain name mean?

What is a domain name registration?

Registering a domain name is the process by which a free domain name (i.e. that doesn't belong to anyone else), is reserved for use by a natural or legal person.

By registering a domain name, the owner of the domain is assigned the exclusive right to use this domain, as long as the owner pays the registration fees. The domains are not registered for life, they can only be reserved only for a certain time period, which can be renewed by their owners when the previous lease period comes to an end.

How can a domain name be registered?

The process of registering a domain name can be conducted through an authorized name registrar as IP.GR. The person interested in registering the domain shall inform the company by placing a relative order and the company undertakes to do all the necessary procedures to ensure that the Registry will provide the right to use this domain to the person that has placed the order.

If you still have not decided which domain you would like to register, you may find more information on How can I find the right domain for me? webpage. If you have already found the right domain for you, you can check if it is available and if so, then you can proceed to its registration.

How can a domain name be renewed?

If you already own one or more domain names, you can renew them through the your account environment in IP.GR' s website. More details can be found at renewing a domain name instructions webpage.

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