Why should I register a domain name?

As we often say in IP.GR, everything starts with a domain! The domain name is the key component for a complete web presence.

To have a functional website on the internet you will need:

  1. A domain name
  2. A hosting package
  3. The setup files of your website

Registering a domain fills the need of an individual or entrepreneur to have its own unique online "identity", through which he will be able to notify internet users about several actions. Especially for business owners, the domain name usually is identical with or closely refers to the brand name of the enterprise and is a means of advertising and/or commercial interaction.

For young entrepreneurs sometimes the very business idea itself may start with a domain, as the web has become a source of stimuli and an everyday item for most. So it is natural for a domain to become inspiration, even for something as important as the business organization that can be an occupation for someone for lifetime.

For an individual, the domain name may represent something he or she likes much or refer to an activity the person is interested in. There are umpteen reasons why someone can come up with a domain, but in all cases the consensus is the need of public expression.

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