Domain extension .ελ
Ηow to register the tld .ελ and how is working

The .ελ suffix is ​​the second available suffix for domain names with a Greek geographical definition and its registration is available since 10/7/2018 by the National Telecommunications and Post Commission.

First phase of the .el release:

For the first three months of the launch of .el registration, the National Comission has defined a special framework, based on which the .ελ domain names could be registered.

In particular, .ελ domains for this period of time can only  be registered by the current owner of the .gr or visually similar .gr domain with greek characters.  Still, the registration can only be done on the registrar platform, such as IP.GR, to which the .gr or its greek photocopy  is registered. In addition, only the current owner of a .gr domain can register the .ελ domain for that period.

Other special cases:

  • If the .gr photocopies have different owner, then none of them can proceed with the registration of .ελ during this period.
  • For third-level names such as and the second level, such as, which are bundled by different owners, then only the owner of the second-level domain can acquire .ελ or its photocopy.
  • Finally, if the third level .gr is already registered and the corresponding second level is free, then the owner of the .gr name of the third level, who will submit the application more quickly, can obtain the .ελ. That is, if is free, then can be registered by the fastest owner of and etc.

Second phase of disposal of .el:

After the end of the transitional phase, the above limitations do not apply anymore, so the domain .ελ doman can be obtained from anyone who is interested.

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