Forward your domain or email address

With each domain that you register or transfer in IP.GR , we provide you the free domain and email forwarding service. To activate this service, you may follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your accountin IP .GR ' s website. If you experience any difficulty while logging in, you can find instructions here.
  2. Once you are logged in, follow the path:

    Dashboard > Domains > My domain names

  3. From the list of active domains, click on the Edit icon for the domain that you wish to activate the service.
  4. When activated the service, in the Domain forwarding section you can edit either Web forwarding or Email forwarding or even both.

    For Web forwarding, you can choose among the alternatives below:

    • Domain redirect: this service gives you the ability to redirect the visitors who will type in their browser your domain to the URL you will set, for instance:
    • Domain Redirect Cloaked: The visitors typing your domain in their browser will be redirected to the URL you will select, for example:, through a frame set, that will allow them to see in their browser your domain. You may also set a Page Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.
    • Starter Page: It is a standard under construction page in which you may add the text you like (e.g. phone numbers, contact info).
    • Domain Parking: Typical under construction page.
    • For Sale Page: It is a typical page, which informs the visitors that this domain is available for sale.

    Through Email forwarding option, you can create up to 5 email forwarders. That is, you can create addresses in the form, which actually are not existing addresses. When someone sends a message to any of these addresses, the message is forwarded to the corresponding real email address which you have indicated, filling the relevant field next to the forwarder.

WARNING: When activating free services, the name servers of your domain automatically change to those provided by IP.GR.

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