What are premium domain names?

What is a Premium domain name?

A Premium domain name is a short domain name (usually 3 to 4 characters), descriptive and easy to remember, characteristics that add to this domain a great marketing value. Search engines understand easier your website's exact content, which gives you a better ranking in organic results, increasing your website's traffic. A Premium domain is also easy to remember, thus your site stays in your visitors' memory. These are only just a few of premium domains benefits, which make them an investment worth of money.

When selecting your website's domain name, you don't have to settle with any of the common domains available for registration. There is a whole new secondary domain market, containing more than a million available names, which may be exactly what you are looking for!

How can I manage Premium domains?

Exactly as any other domain! Once you have purchased a Premium domain, it is available in your IP.GR account and you may manage it, just like any other you have already registered!

Why are Premium domains available in different price?

A Premium domain is usually purchased in a higher price than a usual domain. Its price is defined by its marketing value, spelling, estimated traffic and the market trends. Despite its different price, it might be a significant investment, considering the results it may have for your website.

Why should I choose a Premium domain;

Your website is the image of your enterprise or organization. Choosing a Premium domain, you instantly give recognition to your company. Purchasing the appropriate domain, can give your business a boost and all the support you need!

How can I distinguish a Premium domain?

While searching for a domain, when a domain is premium, it is indicated with the special symbol "$" as you may see in the following image:

Premium Domain

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