What is the backorder?

We would like to inform you that the Backorder service is temporarily paused for maintenance / expand of the backorder mechanism.
Free domain backorder service

Do not miss the opportunity to register the perfect domain for you

If the domain that suits you best isn't available, do not be disappointed!
We will make sure you will have the chance to register it,
as soon it becomes available again!

Backorder service includes continuous availability checking and automatic attempt for domain registration, once the domain becomes available again. If you are interested in a domain which is currently not available and you don't have the time to constantly check for it, then Backorder is exactly the service you need.

How does it work?

3 simple steps:

  1. Check availability for the domain you like
  2. Add backorder service for this domain to your cart
  3. Complete your order

That was it! Once you make a payment for your order as well, we undertake the constant monitoring of the domain and we will automatically try to register it as soon it is available again. If the attempt is not successful, the service will automatically continue to monitor the domain until next expiration date, without having to do any other action.

Why choose our Backorder service?

  • It's quick and easy!

    Check availability of the domain you like. If not available, you can simply add the service to your cart and complete your payment.

  • Constant monitoring

    Once your domain is added to your Backordered domains list, we undertake to continuously monitor and automatically attempt to register it.

  • Monitoring and Management panel

    At your service management modules at our site, there is a separate section through which you can track and manage your backordered domains, in real time.

  • Automatic domain registration

    Once the domain that you added to your backorders becomes available, we immediately attempt to register it automatically, without any further action from you.

  • Leave it up to us and relax!

    Make your backorder and leave monitoring to us. You no longer have to check if the domain you wish to register has expired or is available. We undertake to continuously monitor the domain's status situation, and once released, we will immediately try to register it for you.


What is Backorder service?

Domain Backorder service helps you to purchase the domain you are interested in and which currently is unavailable, as soon it gets released again.

Practically, you make a reservation for one or more domain names, which have already been registered by someone else. If these domains expire, you will have the opportunity to register them, as fast as possible.

How much does Backorder service cost?

The total service cost consists of the service managerial cost and the domain's registration fees, as they are specified in our current price list, which you may find in our website.

Can I cancel the service? What could happen in this case?

The service checks for domains expiration and release date and will automatically attempt to aquire the domain for you. In case the service fails (this may be due to the fact that the current domain's owner renewed it for instance), it will be automatically renewed until the domain's new expiration date. If you wish to stop the service after it has been executed at least for the first time, you may ask for it to be canceled. In this case you will be refunded the full amount of your order in credits. If you wish to cancel the service before it attempts to register the domain for you, you will be refinded in credits only the domain registration fees, without the service managerial cost.

Why a domain isn't readily available once expired?

A domain owner has the right to renew the domain name even after the domain name's expiration. More specifically, the .gr domains can be renewed only by their previous owner up to 15 days after the expiration date. These 15 days period is called "quarantine." After the quarantine and if a domain has not been renewed, the domain is released and becomes available again for registration by the public.

Can the use of backorder service guarantee my domain's registration?

Unfortunately, no. The Domain Backorder service is checking for the domain and automatic submits the application for registration as soon as the domain is released. It is likely, however, the domain you wish to register never be released, while being checked. Also, once the domain is free, it is likely other requests from other registrars are submitted for its registration at the same time. Since there is no specific hierarchy, all applications are of equal value, so it is not possible to guarantee which one will be able to register the domain first.

Can a backorder service be use for a domain more than once?

The backorder service can only be used once for each domain. If you use our service for a domain us, no other user in our website can activate it for the same name.

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