What is ID Protect service?
Protect your personal information from whois search results

ID Protect - protect your personal information in whois queries

What is ID Protect?

International regulations require that valid contact information -which are known as Whois data— are provided for each domain name. If you don't wish your personal information to be available in public searches, you should use the ID Protect service. The ID Protect service conceals your identity, usually pointing to the organization which has registered your domain name.

ID Protect service also protects you from spam emails. One of your data protected is your email address. Thus you are protected from a common practice of spammers, who often use email addresses found in Whois records.

Why are my contact information available in public when I purchase a domain name?

International regulations require that valid contact information for a domain's owner, which have to be available worldwide. ID Protect satisfies these requirements, providing valid information, which however don't point at you.

Which of my personal information are available in a Whois search and how can anyone have access to them?

A Whois search results for a domain name reply with the domain's owner name, address and email address. Anyone worldwide may have access at the Whois database via any search engine and many relative web sites.

ID Protect service “conceals” your personal information.

How does ID Protect service helps to protect myself from spamming?

Whois database is one of the sources used by spammers to extract email addresses. If you have activated ID Protect service for your domain, your email will be replaced by one of our email addresses, protecting you from receiving spam emails.

Can I use the ID Protect service for a domain I have registered via another registrar?

Unfortunately, this can't be done. Your domain has to be registered via our company, or transferred to us, for you to be able to activate this service.

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