Dealing with returning email messages.

If there is a problem with any of your sent messages, your email account will return an error message in the form of a returned (bounceback) email. Typically, the returned messages explains you why your email failed to be delivered to the recipient. Some are easier to understand, while others require explanation.

Let's look in more detail the most common of them:

Full Inbox:

This is a common indication that the recipient's mailbox is full and can not accept any more messages. In this case you can not do much unless you can speak with the recipient and inform him about the problem. Usually this problem is solved very easily, the recipient can free space in the mailbox by deleting messages or increasing the quota of the mailbox.

The email account does not exist:

If you send a message and receive this returned email, it would first need to double check that the email account is spelled correctly. If you are absolutely sure that this is the correct email account, then perhaps this account is not exist anymore. And in this case you should inform the recipient for the problem in an other way.

Blocked IP or IP in the "black list" (Blacklisted / Blocked):

This returning email will usually be referred to a blocked IP and also usually includes a link to look for further details. In such a case you can contact us to check it out.

“Gray lists "/ Deferral message delivery:

In a typical gray list, emails listed as "deferred". The Grey List is a method used by some servers to limit the spam. If you send a message to a server that uses this methodology and you are not in the whitelist of that server, the server that receives the message will "reject it temporarily" and usually sends a message very similar to the returned messages, but usually referred to as a temporary problem and not as permanent. The server that sends the mail will try to resend the message later, but the recipient will see some delay in receiving the message. The best way to avoid to enter into such a list is to communicate with all your contacts and let them know if they use this technique on their server to add you to their whitelist, so they can receive messages from you without delay.

Exceeded shipping limit:

In all of our servers, the number of emails that can be sent per hour is limited to 100 emails. If you try to exceed this limit, you will receive a returned message that tells you that the limit has been exceeded.

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