How can I deal with spam emails? What is SpamAssassin?

The SpamAssassin is a free tool which can be found through your cPanel, which helps you deal efficiently the spam emails you receive. SpamAssassin blocks all unwanted email addresses, before any message from them arrive in your mailbox. By default, this tool is disabled, so you will need to enable it through cPanel to take advantage of the options it provides

How SpamAssassin works?

SpamAssassin is not a filter for your emails, as some of other email spam management tools. Instead, it decides if an email must be characterized as a spam, as soon as it reaches the server. SpamAssassin is working in background of your email server and it has 10 different levels of settings to find the spam emails. When enabled with the default settings it will automatically set to level 5. This is a medium-scale feature. But what actually means level 5?

How points system works?

SpamAssassin uses a system which is based on oints, called "hits" on spam label. When locates specific Features in an email, gives it a level in the point system. If email exceeds the limit of points, the level that you have set yourself, the email is marked as spam mail.

The more low you set the total number of points, the more emails will be recognized as spam. For example, if you set the score to 1, only one hit is enough for an email to be considered as spam. We recommend you to do a test with levels before you decide to go at a higher one.

How to enable SpamAssassin?

  1. First step to enable SpamAssassin, is to login to your cPanel.

    cPanel - user login

  2. After you connect go to Mail category and click the SpamAssassin icon.

    cPanel - SpamAssassin

  3. Since SpamAssassin is by default disabled, you will need to enable it. To do this, click the Enable Spam Assassin button.

    cPanel - SpamAssassin disabled

  4. Now you should see a screen like this:

    cPanel - SpamAssassin enabled

  5. Congratulations, you have enabled SpamAssassin! Click the Go Back button to return to the previous page and change the Settings of SpamAssassin.

How do I use filters to organize the Spam mails?

To maximize the benefit from the use of SpamAssassin, we suggest creating a filter (Filter / Message rule) in your email application. The emails are characterized is spam, end up in your inbox. These messages will be identified in the theme with the *** SPAM *** tag. Using the filters of your mail program, you can sort your emails and place all email with spam tag to a folder to see them later.

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