How do I change the password of my email?

Change your email password via cPanel

In case you have one or more email accounts you may need to change the password either for security reasons or because you do not remember the current one. The email password can be changed through your cPanel account, by following the steps below:

  1. Log into your cPanel account.

    cPanel - login page

  2. From the EMAIL section, click Email Accounts.

    cPanel - email accounts

  3. There, you can see all your email accounts. As soon as you find the email account you want to change its password, click Manage on the right side of the email account.

    cPanel - change email password

  4. Type in the New Password field the password you want to set as the current one until the ribbon on the bottom turns green and then press Update Email Settings at the bottom of the page.

    cPanel - set new email password

Change your email password via Webmail

The second way to change the password of your email account is through the Webmail interface:

  1. Log through the Webmail interface into the email account you want to change the password.

    cPanel - log into webmail

  2. Click on the Password & Security icon.

    cPanel - email password change via webmail

  3. Double type the password you want to set as the new one and press Save.

    cPanel - set a new email password

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