How do I configure my email account on my iPhone device?

May the process to add an email account on your mobile phone looks complicated, but in reality, it is a rather simple one. Let's see how we can adjust your mobile phone, step by step.

If you are not sure what Settings you should use for your email, here you can find your account settings.

For purposes of this example, we will use an iPhone 6. In the same way you can set any other IOS device.

  1. First unlock your device, giving you access to all applications and the Menu on your device.
    central iPhone menu
  2. Press the Settings icon to start.
    iPhone settings
  3. Find the Mail, Contacts, Calendars icon.
    iPhone mail settings
  4. Press the Add account option. It should be near the top of the screen, in the section labeled "Accounts".
    iPhone add accounts
  5. Select Other to add an email account that you have created through your hosting package.
  6. In this step select Add Mail Account.
    iPhone add mail account
  7. Here, you will need to complete the information for your account. This includes your name, your email address, your password and a description of your email account.
    iPhone mail account information
  8. After filling out your information, the next screen contains the settings for the Incoming and Outgoing Server. Attention, although the settings for the outgoing mail server are shown as optional, you will need to fill them out.
    iPhone mail account settings
  9. After entering all settings, your device will attempt to make the Identification of the server. If you receive the message "Can not verify server identity", click on the Details option. You should be able now to see information about the server's certificate. Check the certificate as trusted.
    iPhone Server identity
  10. Then you should see the screen with the summary of your account settings and then two sliders for Mail and Notes. At the top of your screen you should also see the Save and Cancel options. Press the Save option to proceed and add your account.
    iPhone save new account

If you have completed this step, you have finished adding your account to your iOS device. Then you can return to your mobile main menu and press the Mail icon. You will see the new email account under Mail-boxes.

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