My email is not working. What can I do?

In this article you will find everything you need to know in case you can not normally see your emails. Because the steps for solving a problem with your email are different by the way you use to see your mail, you should refer to the relevant section depending on whether you see your email through webmail, through a mail application or both.

  • Webmail concerning online applications such as Horde, Squirrel Mail or Roundcube.
  • Your mail application installed on your device (fixed or portable computer, tablet, smartphone). Some of the most popular email programs is Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird and Mac Mail.
  • You may also use both means above alternatively, for example, you can check your email from home or office via a mail application and use the webmail to see your messages when you are in another location.


  • If you send a test email to yourself and it does not appear in your webmail, first make sure that you do log in in webmail with your full email address like your username and not with the username of your cPanel.
  • If your email account has overcome the space which can occupy on the disk, it is likely you will not be able to receive other emails.
  • You can check the space occupied by your email, through cPanel. On the Emails section, click on Email Accounts icon to view the list of your emails and the volume of messages each of them includes.
  • If the email that has the problem has exceeded the percentage of disk space allocated to them, there are two alternatives. You can either clean some unnecessary messages to free up space or change the percentage of disk space that can be occupied by this email. In the second case, you click on the Change Quota icon next to your email account and increase its size.
  • If you have enabled the SpamAssassin for your email, it is likely that messages you have not received are classified as spam mails by Spam Assassin and either deleted or are in the spam folder. If you see inside the webmail environment a folder spam, please check the contents of this folder. If you receive only some of your messages, but not all, likely the reason is this.
  • Also sometimes probably the technical department transfers sites to newer, upgraded with more features servers. If you have informed that your site has been transferred to a newer server, then make sure to log in to your webmail in new server and not to the old one. If for example you have access to your webmail through the address, will not be any problems. But if you use the shared IP of the server you are hosting to connect, then there can be a mess.

Email application

  • If you have not already, you can first take a look at the detailed guide on how you set up your email in your favorite application. You will find the guide for each application also in Our Knowledgebase.
  • An error message is returned from the application; If you receive an error message, it is advisable first to do a check of the Basic Settings in your account in your email application. Please make sure you use the the full email address as your username, not the username of your cPanel. Also make sure you use the correct password. The password of your email is that you provided when you created your email through cPanel. Check if the option "Log on using Secure Password Authentication (SPA)" is enabled and disable it. If the error message you receive is a prompt to enter your email password again, you can reset your password through the cPanel and try again. You can reset your password by logging into your cPanel and go to Emails > Email Accounts. Then click Change Password next to your email.
  • If you receive an error message, but is not a prompt to enter your username or password again, please contact us for more information and assistance.
  • If you do not receive an error message, you can log into your webmail to see if there are emails which can be downloaded at your INBOX. If there are messages in your INBOX, then must be downloaded in your email application too. Open your account settings again in the application and check that your email servers are correct (eg.

Webmail and Email Application

If you set up your email account in an email application like a POP account, you may not have activated the option to maintain a copy of your emails in the server. By default, your pop account connects to the server, downloads messages and deletes them from the server. If you check your email first from your email application and then from your webmail, you may not find messages after they have downloaded and deleted from your application.

Most mail applications solves this problem by allowing you to log in and leave a copy of your emails on the server. They also allow you to leave a copy and delete it after a period of time that you specify, so you do not fill your mailbox.

If you have checked all of the above and you are still having problems with your email, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarifications.

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