How do I create / modify MX records?

To receive email on a domain, you must specify the MX records.

For example, when you go to the Google Apps and you want to receive messages in Google Mail (Gmail) you'll need to make your MX records to point to the Gmail servers.

You can modify your MX records using the Management tools of the domain provided by your registrar.

IP.GR provides you for free, with every domain you register or transfer to us, the DNS Control service, in order to edit the MX records you want.

The following steps can be applied to all domain name registers, although some details in the application may vary slightly from register to register.

To configure the MX records for a domain through IP.GR:

1. Visit IP.GR page and log into the account you have created.

2. From the My Accound menu, select My Domains option and then Management. Identify the domain for which you wish to modify your records and go to Edit.

3. In the domain editing panel, activate the service DNS Control.

4. In zone file insert the MX records you want or modify the existing ones. Please note that any change you make to the zone file, may need from 3 to 72 hours to put your changes into effect, until restarted by the registry servers.

5. MX records are in this form:

Name/Host/Alias Time to Live (TTL) Record Type(MX) Value/Answer/Destination

In the first column, as name/host/alias leave it blank or type the @ character.

The TTL column, is the argument which refers to the time for which the name servers maintain the entry for the IP address, which corresponds to the particular domain.

Indicatively, you can give the value 300, which means that servers will maintain the registration of the name for 300 seconds (5 minutes) and then, if requested, will check again for possible changes.

The smaller the value of TTL, the faster you can make changes to the record.

The value/answer/destination column, has the numerical value defining the priority and the name of the server that receives the mail.

If you want to redirect your mail to more than one server, you can use multiple MX records, with different priority.

An example of such a record is as follows:

@ 86400 MX 10

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