How to configure my email with the email hosting plan that I purchased from IP.GR?

If you purchased or are planning to purchase an email hosting plan from IP.GR, then perhaps the following article will give you the answer to some basic questions of yours related to the management of an email hosting plan.

1. I do not have a website - I am only interested in the email service

This is the simplest way to use an Email hosting plan. You'll just need to change the nameservers of your domain by setting those that you will receive to your email as soon as you buy your email hosting plan. Then you can create your email accounts through cPanel.

2. My website is being hosted to another server and I want to transfer only the emails to my Email hosting plan

If you already have an active website it means that you have already set the nameservers to your domain through which the relevant DNS settings are being servers to the Internet. This is accomplished through a specific file named Zone File which is responsible for letting the Internet users know where the website as well as the emails are being hosted.

In most cases the Zone File is being located to the server that hosts your website. In a typical cPanel account, you can edit the zone file through the Zone Editor icon.

However, there are cases where the zone file is being served from a separate service<. For example, if you use CloudFlare, the zone file is accessible through Cloudflare's website. When it comes to managing the DNS settings, there are plenty of similar services that could do that, like the DNS Control that our company as well as other companies like Otenet, Vodafone etc use.

As soon as you have access to the zone file of your domain, you can follow the steps below:

  • Set an A Record for your mail

    In a typical zone file, what we usually find in the mail record, is a CNAME pointing to the domain.

    e.g. mail 3600 IN CNAME

    This records means that is an alias of In our case, we want to transfer the emails to the email hosting plan of a server not related to the one hosting your website. To do this, you have to change the type of the email record from CNAME to A. So, if you already have a CNAME record to your zone file, you have first to delete it before you add the new one as given below. If you do not have any CNAME record just create a new record like the following one:

    e.g. mail 3600 IN A

    This record informs us that the mail points to a specific IP address (, which you have to replace with the IP address of the server where your email hosting plan has been created.

  • Change the destination of the MX record to

    Generally, the MX record in a Zone File is used to tell the world which mail server accept incoming mail for your domain and where emails sent to your domain should be routed to.

    e.g. 14400 IN MX 10 mail

    This line informs us that the MX record points to, so the emails are being located to the server that the record resolves to, which in this case, is the server of the Email hosting plan that you can purchase from our company.

3. I want to have the zone file (dns settings) in the Email Hosting plan of IP.GR and be able to manage it from the relevant control panel

If you want the file zone of your domain to be hosted by the Server of you Email hosting plan, then you should change the Nameservers of your domain to those of your Email hosting server, by following the steps as described in the 1st paragraph below.

Then, you can select the Zone Editor from your cPanel account and change the A record in order to point the to servers that hosts your website.

e.g. 3600 IN A

If you change the A record of your domain, you will also need to modify the records related to the email, as described above in the 2nd step of the 2nd paragraph.

4. Additional records

You can also improve your email’s deliverability and deter your messages from being marked as SPAM, by adding the SPF and DKIM records through your cPanel account.

To do that, you have to go to the server that you opted to host the zone file of your domain and check if SPF and DKIM records are being added and if their values are correct.

  • If the zone file of your domain is in a cPanel server of our company, then the SPF and DKIM records are included by default with the correct settings::

    e.g. SPF Record: 14400 TXT v=spf1 +a +mx ~all

    e.g. DKIM Record: 14400 TXT v=DKIM1; k=rsa; p=xxx ... xxx

    Both the SPF and DKIM records are TXT typed and in the v parameter you have to set the specific value that is related to this record.

  • If the zone file is being managed through another service, you have to add these records from the DNS Settings area of this service. In order to find the correct values for the SPF and DKIM records, you can log into the cPanel account of your Email hosting plan and copy them.

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