Email signature - Outlook 2007
What is an email signature and how to create yours

What is an email signature? Is it important?

Most of the time, an email signature is used to show the name of the sender or his company together with other information such as a phone or address at the bottom of an email. 

Emails that are exchanged for personal reasons (e.g. between friends) are not required to include a signature but it would be good to include some of the sender's information, in order to help the communication between them.
An email signature should include, the following important information:
  • name and surname or company name
  • postal home address
  • phone or fax number
  • sender's signature 
If any files are attached in an email, then the file type and the reason of these files should be included in the signature.

The creation of a correct email signature in mail clients, although optional, it is recommended to be used, in a way that incorporates with the above rules, as it can be useful in specific cases.

Note that an email signature should not be confused with a digital signature, because it is not a digital fingerprint of the sender and it only quotes some information in formal or informal way, depending on how the author has created them.

Create and add signatures to messages with Outlook 2007

  1. Firstly open Outlook 2007
  2. Create a new message and locate the Message tab. 
  3. There, find the Include category and click the Signature button. 
  4. Next click Signatures and you will see an Email Signatures tab. 
  5. Then click New to create a new signature for your emails. 
  6. Type a name for your signature and then click OK
  7. Go to Signature Edit and type the text that your signature will include. You can format your text using the corresponding buttons.
  8. Finally click OK to save your new signature.

Now that you have created your signature you can include it to your future messages following the steps below.

  1. Open Outlook 2007 if it's not already open.
  2. Create a message and locate the Message tab. 
  3. There, find the Include tab and click the Signature button, next click the Signatures button. 
  4. Under the Select Default Signature category go to the Email Account list and select the email address with which you want to associate the signature. 
  5. From the New Message field, select the signature you want to be included in all your new messages.

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