My mailbox is full and I can not get any new messages. How can I empty it?

If you find out that your mailbox is full, then two things may have happened:
  1. In your hosting package, the mailboxes have a default quota that may has been exhausted. In this case, you can simply increase your mailbox quota through the cPanel > Email Accounts. Always keep in mind that we recommend that the mailboxes should not exceed 512 MB, to make it possible to restore them from a bakcup if ever needed.
  2. The hosting package is full:
    1. In hosting subscriptions where there is a specific MB limit, your site may have been filled by emails or other uploaded data (for example html files, pictures, etc.).
    2. In some hosting packages, we do not count MB (unmetered) but iNodes, which corresponds to the number of files and folders. At some point the hosting package may reach the limitation of iNodes.
In both of these cases, you will have to find some available space or upgrade to a larger hosting package with more storage.

Firstly you should check the usage of you package. From the Disk Usage option of your cPanel, you can see what's most widely used.
  • If there are files you do not need, such as old bakcups, you can delete them to save space.
  • If you use the most space for emails, you can always delete old emails. To do this, you should log in to your hosting package's webmail at my_domain.xx/webmail, where  my_domain.xx stands for your domain, or your host server address. Once you sign in by entering your credentials, choose a program to access your webmail (horde, roundcube, squirrelmail) and then choose which email to delete. If you want to delete them all, then select all the messages and click delete as shown in the picture.
    Lastly, click on "Trash". Delete the emails you want to permanantly delete from the server by selecting them and then clicking on the "Delete" button. If you do not delete your emails from the "Trash" folder, they will still take up space on your web hosting package

In case you want to keep all your emails and there is nothing else that can be deleted to save space, then you should consider upgrading to the next hosting package.

You can view the next available hosting package after you signin in to your account and go to Hosting > Administration. You can choose the next package, which is availble to upgrade. If there is not a larger package available, you can contact us to assist you properly.

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