What is spam?

Spam is email that you did not ask for and do not want, to receive in your mailbox. You can imagine the spam mail as flyers you receive in your mail box. Some of the spam emails are safe, while others contain viruses and malwares. There are various types of spam emails, as:

Promotional spam emails

Promotional spam emails are mails you will encounter more often. As also indicated by the categorization, it is promotional material which usually promotes business and their products and services. These emails have not requested and usually you do not want to receive them.

In each case, DO NOT click on any of the links containing in such messages as they are likely to be going to a virus. Before doing any action, be sure that this is a service that you have requested.

Phishing spam emails

Phishing emails identified as scam. In this case take an email, which looks legitimate and is derived from a reliable website. You can for example receive an email from your bank asking you to log into your account. A link in this email will take you to the login page in your bank system or to be more precise, a login page that looks like JUST to that of your bank.

The purpose of this type of mail is obviously to elicit your login details to any particular site. To avoid such scams, do not connect never through links contained in these emails. Visit the site itself directly and sign from there to your account. Moreover it would be aware that no financial institution would never ask you to give Confidential Information as your password via an email.

Spam emails associated with illegal activities

Some of the emails that you may receive may encourage you to take part in illegal activities without your knowledge, for example to send an amount of money, without receiving anything in return.

Such emails may ask you for example to cash a check and send the money to the holder, in exchange to keep a percentage of that amount. The final check proves uncovered and you have lost the money you sent. In any case, a message prompting you to send money to a third person who does not know, in exchange for a sum of money, is probably a scam.

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