Why is my email suddenly empty?

If your email is displayed suddenly empty, this may be due to many reasons.

Email application settings

One possibility is that your email application can be configured to download your emails and then delete them from the server or to hide them from the current view.

Manually deleting

It is likely that someone has signed in to your account and has deleted or moved your email. Check the other folders, especially Spam and Trash folders.

POP connection

If you connect to the server with a POP3 connection via Outlook or another email application, then your emails can be downloaded to the computer or device. Check your Outlook or another email application, if is available in your device.

To prevent this from happening, set your POP account to leave a copy of messages downloaded to your computer, to the server from which downloads them.

For example, to change this setting into Outlook, you can follow these steps:

  1. From Tools menu, select Accounts or Account Settings.
  2. Double click on the email account you want to edit or select the account and click Edit, to see it's settings
  3. Go to More Settings and then to the Advanced panel.
  4. Check the Leave a copy of messages on the server option. It would be good, if you wish, to set for how long you will keep the copy of messages on server, so your space on the server disk does not eventually fill up

Access to the wrong account

Make sure you type as a username for your account your full email address. If for example you use the cPanel username as your username, you will be redirected to the wrong location and probably will not see the correct mailbox.

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