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Drupal Tutorial - Add Drupal modules

It would be good, before you start creating content for your website, to first install some basic and useful modules. Drupal modules, are small apps that add more functionality to your website, in addition of the Drupal main core, and typically some modules are added to make it more convenient.

Install the WYSIWYG editor (html editor) CKEditor for Drupal

In Drupal there is not a pre-installed WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) text editor. In this example we will add the CKEditor text editor, which is one of the most well known html editors for web applications. You can install any text editor you want by following the steps below. Drupal has an interface to interact with the most known WYSIWYG html editors and is very easy to integrate one of them in the control panel of your website.

First you should add the WYSIWYG API module that enables you to use any text editor you want, by downloading it from the official Drupal website. You can follow the instructions in our Knowledge Base on How to install Drupal modules.

When you install and enable the WYSIWYG API module, you can navigate to the Modules page and click the Configure button next to it. There you will find the supported editors and a download link for any of them.

Click the download link for the CKEditor in order to download it to your computer. Next, upload (through FTP) its files inside the sites/all/libraries folder of your hosting account and reload the modules page. Then you will see CKEditor as available, select it for all the different types of input content and finally click the Save button to save your changes.

Enable the image upload module in Drupal

In order to be able to upload and insert images easily to your content, you need to enable the Images module inside the Modules page. This module comes pre-installed with the Drupal installation.

This way, when you edit an article, there will be an Image option and you will be able to add images directly from your computer.

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